10 Best Dog-Friendly Outdoor Destinations in Little Rock


Central Arkansas has an abundance of dog-friendly places that you and your dog can both enjoy. The only question you should have is: which one fits my dog’s needs the most?

I personally encourage you to try them all and always keep your eyes open for other areas that are not a typical destination for you. Some of the places I am about to tell you about will be familiar, but others are well hidden areas that you may not have thought of or known about previously.  I found many of these spots with my dog by hooking the leash and walking where the nose took us!

Dog Parks in Little Rock

MacArthur Park

About 50 yards away from the Arkansas Arts Center in downtown Little Rock, MacArthur Park has an off leash dog park. The dog park does not have a separate small dog and large dog play area. It consists of 1 large fenced area.

MacArthur Park provides public access to a water station with a hose so you are able to wet down your dog if desired.

There are a handful of large boulders that your dog can climb for fun. Most of the terrain is pretty even and consists of concrete and nicely kept grass. There are few places for rain water to pool and create a mud puddle, which is something that sets this park aside from others.

Interstates 30 and 630 surround the park area, so this can make for a loud constant roar of traffic. Dogs are very aware of their surroundings, so the honking and loud motor vehicles can sometimes spook dogs. Because of this, please double check your leash and collar to ensure your dog doesn’t make a run for it if they hear a loud noise!

Overall, MacArthur is a good place to stretch the legs, especially if you live downtown. Be sure and check out the nearby pond to let your dog look at the ducks!

Murray Park

Found on Rebsamen Park Rd along the Arkansas River, Murray Park is by far the most popular dog park in town. The park has 2 separate areas divided by a fence that are labeled Small and Large dog areas. You will often find small dogs in the large dog area, and this may be because the large dog section is much larger in size, naturally.

Murray Park has public access to a water station with hoses and large tubs for your dog to jump in. The water area is concrete which saves you from standing in mud.

An asphalt walkway runs through the entire park and most of the area is pea gravel. Large tree trunks have been strategically placed around the park for your dog to climb on. Dogs are often chasing each other around the trunks which can make for a very entertaining game of “catch me if you can”.

A dense overhead of branches from huge trees can help keep you and your dog cool during the summer months. The constant breeze from the Arkansas River can be brisk in the winter, but is welcome on a hot afternoon.

Multiple trails are attached to the dog park and are great for taking a long walk or a swim in the river. Boat access points and sandy beaches are about a football field away and make for a great place for your dog to take a dip.

CAUTION: Heavy undercurrents on the Arkansas River do NOT make this a good place for your dog to retrieve far from shore!

This park is great if tired dogs is the result you want!

Burns Park

Located on the North Little Rock side of town, Burns Park has a number of activities for dogs and people. There are two fenced areas for small dogs and large dogs. Access to water is available in both areas.

Most of the dog area is shaded by trees, but this can make for a very wet terrain. The entire dog park is grass, but the area is rarely dry and this can make for a very muddy excursion.

Burns Park is massive and multiple hiking trails can be found. There are multiple soccer fields and paved walkways close by as well. Watch out for bicycles!


Now that we are all aware of the wonderful dog parks in Little Rock, let me tell you about a few other locations around town that will make for a great outing with your furry friend:

Allsopp Park on Cedar Hill Rd.

There are trails here that run throughout a large wooded area. To have the full experience of Allsopp Park, you can start up on Kavanaugh and walk downhill to the park or you can start at the park and have a bit of an uphill climb to Kavanaugh. A creek that runs through the park will help keep your dog cool.

Two Rivers

There are two entrances to Two Rivers. One is off of Cantrell if you follow River Ridge Rd down below the 430 bridge. You can also come via Arkansas River Trail Rd. on the peninsula. Both of these options are wonderful and will give you the option of narrow trails or open fields with beautiful scenery. There is a good chance you will see herds of deer on your walk! 

The Big Dam Bridge

This location is all concrete, no grass. Please be cautious of your dog’s paws on hot days when the pavement is cooking!

Knoop Park

To get to Knoop Park, turn on Ozark Place, then head to Martin Drive. This location is very nice for a quick walk with a great view up in the Heights area.

River Market Downtown

This is definitely the place for social, playful dogs that enjoy being around crowds and soaking up all the attention. During the warm season, River Market downtown is a happening spot on the weekends.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Multiple activities here! Do you like hiking, swimming, or just lying in an open field soaking up the sun? Then this is the place for you. You and your dog can climb Pinnacle Mountain or swim in the nearby river. Most people don’t think about the Rocky Valley Trail when they venture into the outdoors, but this trail of a little over two miles is a great hidden gem. The Rocky Valley Trail starts as Quarry Pond and ends at a high overlook of the Arkansas River.

Wild Wood Park

This spot is located on the far West side of Little Rock. It is a gorgeous area that makes for a peaceful, leisurely stroll with any dog. You can find this park off of Kanis Rd.


Now that we all know about the official dog parks and the unofficial dog-friendly outdoor destinations in Little Rock, there is no excuse for staying indoors with our dogs! Spring is here, so let’s all make a commitment to getting outside with our furry friends and soaking up some sunshine. And don’t forget that getting outside with our dogs is a great way for us and for them to stay in shape and burn up some energy. Read Springtime Tips for Pets and Pet Owners for more information on spring and pets!

Check out Hollywood Feed’s Central Arkansas store locations at Cantrell, Chenal and JFK or check us out online for everything you need to spend time outdoors with your dog and keep him flea and tick free!

What are your favorite spots to hang out with your dog in and near Little Rock? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Shawn Tait
Comments 2
  • Toni

    Excellent article. We are travelling from Birmingham to OKC, which is a long drive. Looking for a place to get out and run around. This looks like Burns Park is a perfect on and off from I-40. Is the dog park well marked once you get into the park?

  • Kelli

    This is a great article, I just have a correction. MacArthur dog park has a small dog fenced section towards the side by the roundabout. So there are two separate sections.

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