9 Must-Haves for Your Next Trip to the Dog Park!


Now that it's the perfect weather to spend time in the sun with our best friends at our local dog-park, what should we bring along to make sure our time there is fun, safe, and productive? Here are the 9 items my dogs and I must have when we go to the park!

Fetching Frenzy

1. Kong Wubbas

Kong Wubbas are a fun fetch toy for dogs. They squeak, have a tail that dogs love to shake after retrieving, and are very durable! This is also a great toy to use in a game of tug-of-war.

Check out the distances Lola will go to to play with her Kong Wubba:

2. ​Kong Flyer

The Kong Flyer is hands down the best Frisbee that I’ve ever used. It is made of a flexible rubber, allowing dogs to catch it easily without breaking the Frisbee or teeth. It is also a good fetch or catch toy for clumsy dogs who may get hit in the face more than they catch anything.

3. Chuck-It and Tennis Balls 

These are my fetching dog’s favorite toys! Annie loves to run after tennis balls and bring them back to me, swim after tennis balls and bring them back to me, and jump for tennis balls and bring them back to me.

If you’re looking for a toy to wear your high-energy dog out, then teach him to play fetch. The Chuck-It allows you to throw a ball a further distance than you may be able to with your hand only, which leaves dogs exhausted. Best of all, with the Chuck-It, my hands don’t get slobbery, slimy and dirty while I’m playing fetch, and I don’t have to bend all the way over to pick up Annie’s tennis balls. Come in to any Hollywood Feed location and check out a Chuck-It!  

Injury, Insects, and Identification

4. Kurgo 1st Aid Kit

For unexpected minor injuries or big emergencies, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst case scenario. The Kurgo 1st Aid Kit is a great way to have what you may need on hand at a moment’s notice. If you keep one in each of your family's cars, then you will always have access to things like antiseptics, gauze, and an emergency blanket. Read Kurgo's Pet First Aid Kit: A Product Review for more information!

5. Flea and Tick Control

Please don’t go to the dog park without protecting your dog against fleas and ticks! They are already being found everywhere this year, and we should be careful ourselves in high grass and under trees, especially.

Vet’s Best has great flea and tick products to choose from, and make sure you get the best price out there on a Seresto Collar or K9 Advantix II here before hitting the park. My dogs all wear a Seresto collar and haven't had any problems after a few trips to the dog park so far this year.

6. ID Tag, Collar and Leash

Even if we are going to the dog park to let our dog run around off-leash, we should always bring a leash with us just in case! What if there is an emergency and we need to make sure our dog comes with us instead of insisting that playtime isn't over? Shop Hollywood Feed's collars and leashes here.

ID tags and a well-fitting collar are very important to always have on our pets. What if our usually calm and well-behaved dog all of the sudden decides she must track a new and exciting scent? Hopefully she will come back after a minute, but we will hope her collar and ID tag are intact if she does not return right away. A nice, helpful, dog-loving person can only do so much to get our pet returned to us if there is no information for them to use.

Keeping It Clean

7. Kurgo Seat Covers and a Tall-Tails Travel Blanket

After a fun trip to the dog park, I know that all three of my dogs are going to be covered in water and possibly mud and sand. Many parks have a way to hose your dog off before loading up into the car, but then dogs are still wet. I think Kurgo’s Seat Covers are wonderful. They protect cloth seats from dirt and water, and protect leather seats from scratches.

Another great product is the Tall-Tails Travel Blanket, which is easy to wash, super absorbent, and always handy to have in the car. Besides being great for cleaning up, these blankets are also perfect for sitting on while watching a concert or having a picnic. Read more about The Lowdown on the Goods: Tall Tails All-Season Travel Blanket.

8. ​Waste Bags​ 

Dog parks only stay clean and fun if we all clean up after our dogs while we’re there. Bring along waste bags, and let’s all clean up our dog’s poop! These Bags on Board rolls are small and easy to carry in a pocket or purse. Besides, picking up poop really isn’t so bad when we’ve been feeding our dogs healthy, nutritious food. Seriously.

Training, Too

9. Treats, Treat Pouch and Clicker

You may enjoy using a fun opportunity like time at a dog park for a few short training sessions. Your dog can run off some energy, then pay attention for a short training session, then play some more. A treat pouch, small treats and a clicker are easy to carry around the dog park. 

Be aware, when bringing any food or treat to the dog park, of the body language of your dog as well as any other dogs nearby. Try not to train with treats around dogs you are unfamiliar with at the park. Instead, go to an area where you can be alone with your dog. Some dogs may become protective or aggressive around strange dogs when food is involved and energy is high, so be aware and careful. 

Read Hollywood Feed's Training Reference for some simple training tips.


What does your dog simply have to have when you go to the dog-park? Let us know your dog’s must-haves in the comments below!

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