Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit: A Product Review

Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit: A Product Review

Summertime means that we’re all getting out of our houses a little more. The dog-lovers among us are getting out of our homes with our dogs in tow to do all sorts of fun things, like sit on the patio with a cold drink, or run around the dog park and get a little exercise. With more adventures, though, usually comes more potential for danger and injuries.

Why Do I Need Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit?

Kurgo First-Aid KitHas your pet ever tried to eat a bee or been bitten by a tick? Has he ever gotten a hot spot? Does your dog run hard at the park with no regard for his own safety? Does he like to jump and play with other dogs? Do you take your dog camping or hiking? Does your pet go on road-trips with you? If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you will eventually need a first aid kit!

As responsible pet-parents, we should make sure we are prepared for minor scratches or tick bites, as well as more serious situations like car wrecks or becoming stranded while camping. If we are prepared up front with Kurgo's Pet First Aid Kit, then we can prevent or treat many injuries.

What Is Included in Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit?

Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit is an easy and reasonably priced way to be prepared for emergencies. Here’s what is included in the kit:

Kurgo First-Aid Kit
  • alcohol pads (4)
  • antiseptic hand wipes
  • bottle opener
  • cotton swabs (10)
  • crepe bandage
  • disposable gloves (2, large)
  • emergency blanket
  • first aid guide book
  • gauze pad 2x2 (3)
  • gauze pad 4x4 (3)
  • gauze roll
  • instant ice pack
  • parachute cord
  • povidone-iodine prep pad (4)
  • scissors
  • sting relief medicated pad (4)
  • tape roll
  • tongue depressors (4)
  • trauma pad
  • tweezers
  • and the bag itself

Testing Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit

While I did not have any emergencies or even any minor injuries come up when I was testing Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit (which I can’t really complain about!), I have encountered many issues in the past that would require the use of items inside the kit. I did also discover a tick on one of my pet-sitting guest dogs that came over to my house while I was testing Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit, and the tweezers came in handy for that little problem.

Being a dog-sitter and having three dogs and two cats of my own, I often see pets with small scratches, ticks, hot spots, insect stings, broken nails, itching from allergies, and elderly dogs who overheat easily. I know that I need to be prepared at all times for all situations! I find the items in Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit to be very helpful for many scenarios that may arise in day to day life with pets as well as in emergencies.

Kurgo First-Aid KitGauze, tape, and alcohol pads are always convenient when your dog or cat has a scratch or open wound that needs to be cleaned and covered. The instant ice pack is great to have if stranded somewhere with a dog who is overheating or may have a joint or muscle injury. The emergency blanket will come in very handy if you are ever with a dog who is going into shock. You never know when you may need tweezers or a sting-relief pad. I have to tell dogs to stop trying to eat bees and wasps all of the time!

**DISCLAIMER: After treating your dog or cat’s injuries in the moment, many injuries will still require a veterinarian’s care. Your pet may need stitches, antibiotics, IV fluids, or need to have bloodwork run after some injuries or emergencies. If you are not certain that you can treat your pet’s injury or health concern yourself, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry and get in to see your vet as soon as you can.

My Final Opinion


  • Good selection of commonly used first aid products
  • Convenient and easy to transport/keep in car
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to add more items to kit, depending on your dog’s needs
  • Durable bag construction


  • Not all-inclusive (the kit itself recommends that you also purchase a thermometer, styptic powder to stop bleeding, and antibiotic ointment)
  • I would add an e-collar to the list of must-haves for your first aid kit (I know they are too big to fit inside the kit, but these are a very commonly used item at my house to prevent dogs from licking and chewing any bites or wounds.
  • I need a kit on hand no matter where I am, so may need one for each car!

The Bottom Line

I want Kurgo’s First Aid Kit in my car when I take my dogs to the dog park. I want it in my car when I take my dogs on a vacation or road trip. I want Kurgo’s First Aid Kit with me when I pick up and drop off my doggy clients at their houses in case of a car wreck or becoming stranded.

I am someone who likes to be prepared. If you feel the same way, getting Kurgo’s Pet First-Aid Kit is a great way to relieve some of that stress in the back of your mind. Then you can also scratch ‘being prepared for emergencies with my pet’ off of your to-do list!

Bonus Tip: Always carry some extra dog food and water in your car in case you and your dog become stranded somewhere for a day or two due to flooding, earthquake, or other disaster!

Size, Price, and Where to Buy

Kurgo First-Aid KitKurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit is $26.99, and you can find it for sale on Hollywood Feed’s website as well as at any of their store locations.

The kit is 4.4” in length, 9” in width, and about 3” in depth when rolled up.
When unrolled and fully extended, the kit measures 13.5” in length, 9” in width, and about 1” in depth. It is a very convenient size for tucking away in a car.

Read more about Kurgo’s Pet First Aid Kit: 9 Must-Haves for Your Next Trip to the Dog Park

What minor injury or big emergency have you encountered with your pet where you were able to use a first aid kit to help? Have you had an emergency where you wish you had a first aid kit with you? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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