What My Dogs Love about Kong


Besides being lots of fun and stuffed with delicious treats, did you know that Kong toys can help with a variety of issues that commonly arise with our pets? I just love this company and the products it makes. They are simple, durable, attractive and easy to use. There are several options out there to choose from, so we can find the right product for our dog.

Provides Focus

If we have a destructive or anxious dog, Kong can be a great fix! If our dogs are focused on getting a treat out of a Kong Classic (my personal favorite), then he has less energy or attention focused on separation anxiety, destructive chewing, digging or barking. We can give a stuffed Kong to our dog when we leave the house to help with separation anxiety, or at bedtime to train a dog to stay out of our bedroom at night. Dogs can eat from a Kong during dinners or parties so there is less begging and getting underfoot.

I like to stuff Kong Classics with unsalted peanut butter or plain yogurt and then freeze the Kong as a cool and long lasting treat. I also like to stuff a Kong with a variety of small to medium treats and chews. I think it is fun and appreciated by my dogs when I put in some treats that will come out easily along with others that will require my dog’s persistence to remove. Treats with different flavors and protein sources are great, like chicken jerky with a mini bison rawhide! My dogs are absolutely thrilled when a stuffed Kong Classic is brought out for their enjoyment.

Increases Mental Stimulation

Kong products can also provide mental stimulation to help our pet’s brains stay more active and alert, as well as help a puppy’s brain develop. The Kong Wobbler is one of these products. It is a toy that we fill with our pet’s allotted kibble at mealtime, and then she can nudge it around on the floor causing it to wobble and periodically dispense the kibble out of a small hole in the side. My dogs love it, and it makes mealtime fun, different and exciting, as well as a mental work out.

Also, the Kong Classic stuffed with treats or the Kong Wobbler stuffed with dinner can both be hidden from our dogs, causing them to have to sniff out the toy before they even get to start playing with it! This is great mental and physical stimulation, especially for a lazy, food-motivated, older dog like my Skeeter.

Exercise Options

My athletic dog, Annie, also loves the Kong Flyer. This is Kong’s soft and durable rubber frisbee. Regular plastic frisbees always crack and break when Annie leaps into the air and catches them, but these soft, flexible frisbees just bend in her mouth and then pop back into shape when she drops them. The Flyer is always in perfect condition even if it’s covered in a lot of slobber.

The Kong Tug Toy is also a great way for our dogs to get some exercise, and it also provides us with the opportunity to get in on the game and play along!

Quality Products

All of Kong’s rubber products and consumables are made in the USA, and non-toxic materials are used in all of Kong’s toys.

Kong specifically makes their tennis balls so that they do not contain fiberglass on the outside as normal tennis balls do. Who knew tennis balls had fiberglass on them?! This is bad for your dog on the inside as well as bad for your dog’s teeth. Kong’s tennis balls use a special material that won’t scrape away the enamel on our dog’s teeth. Check out Kong’s Hollywood Feed tennis ball!

Kong really thinks about their toys and the way our dogs play with them as well as the health of the dogs playing with their toys. My dogs love many Kong products, and I’m always looking to see what they’ve come up with most recently. And just remember when you are toy shopping that all of their products are very durable and I still have the original of every Kong product I have purchased except tennis balls! See the Kong collection available on Hollywood Feed’s website here.

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  • Jessie Isbell
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