Wander the World with the Kurgo Wander Dog Ramp


Have you ever had trouble getting your elderly or disabled dog in and out of the car? I know this can be especially difficult if our dogs have gained a little weight with age! I have had this experience with several of my dog-sitting clients when I go to their homes to pick them up for or drop them off from a stay at my house! I have also had this experience with my eldest dog, Skeeter, when his legs are sometimes weak.

I have recently had the chance to try out Kurgo’s Wander Dog Ramp, and I’ve decided to share my experiences with it here.

Pros and Cons

First of all, and probably most importantly, let me say that this ramp is sturdy! It also folds up into a very manageable size and weight, especially for something so sturdy. You may find other ramps out there that fold up to be smaller than this one or which are more lightweight, but I bet you will find that they don’t last as long as this one will.

The ramp also has a great non-slip material on the surface that allows dogs to grip with their paw pads and nails and gives them a more secure feeling when they are climbing up or down the ramp. There is also a non-slip material at the end of each side of the ramp so it stays securely in place on the ground and on your car when your dog is climbing in and out.

That being said, I had a bit of a difficult time convincing dogs that they should actually walk on the ramp! This was the biggest downside, although I am willing to say it’s probably the same with any ramp you may find. With some time and effort, and a little bit of guiding, most dogs I asked to take the ramp did eventually decide that it was safe enough to use.

Bonus: My cats had absolutely no problem using it and it can be used to help dogs get on and off of your sofa and bed, too - though it would take up a lot of space in your home and you would most likely want to put it away after each use. This would also make a great Christmas gift!

Measurements and Weight

When the Kurgo Wander Dog Ramp is folded it measures 32” long and 15.5” wide, with a thickness of 8”-easily fitting in a trunk or backseat, or even under your bed! When it is fully extended, it measures 62” long and 15.5” wide. The weight is only 10lbs! If you are interested in purchasing this ramp, Hollywood Feed has it for sale online here.


The biggest benefit of this product, besides being easy to use, store and move, is that now your senior dog can easily get in and out of the car so that he can enjoy car rides and trips to the park with you!


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  • Jessie Isbell
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