The Lowdown on the Goods: Tall Tails All-Season Travel Blanket


I’m known to have strong opinions about dog products. I mean what can I say? I know what I like, and there are good reasons why I like what I like. My dogs are my family, and I always want the very best for them. I’m very particular about every facet of their lives. Because of this, I thought I would be a good person to do some product reviews and share my likes and dislikes when it comes to my furbabies.

Tall Tails All-Season Travel Blanket

I’ve had several different products very similar to the Tall Tails All-Season Travel Blanket in the past. Some of them I really liked. So when I set out to put this blanket to the test, it had to meet some high standards.


The blanket has some great features listed including:

  • A water resistant nylon side to keep moisture away from you and your pet, and a soft fleece side to keep you both warm and comfortable.
  • It’s machine washable and can be dried which is always a plus…if it lives up to the expectations.
  • Weather Shield – wind, rain, cold, and ground moisture resistant
  • Durability guarantee - which is a major factor that I look for since I have Labs. They can really put a product through the ringer and test it’s limits. And since my Labs spend a fair amount of time in the mud, the washing machine also tries the limits on products as we wash things often.
  • It’s also fairly large at 40” x 60” with ample room for me and the dogs.

A Walk in the Park

Our first test was a walk in the park for the All-Season Travel Blanket. We literally went for a walk in the park! With the blanket clipped on to my waistband with a carabineer (not included but easily attached to the strap on the blanket), we picked a nice spot to relax in the sun, and then spread the blanket out and piled on. The ground wasn’t soaked, but there was a decent amount of moisture. None of which penetrated through to the fleece side of the blanket. We all made it home nice and dry! The blanket was easy to roll back up and clip back on my waistband for the walk back to the house.

Riding in Style

Next, I needed a dry place for my wet Labs to ride home. I grabbed the blanket and spread it out (fleece side down) across the cargo area of my SUV. I asked the dogs to load up and they chilled out on the water resistant side of the blanket all the way home. Once home, I grabbed the blanket and shook it off a few times and the water literally rolled off. It was so dry I felt comfortable rolling it back up.

That Wet Dog Smell

Once home, I didn’t want the dogs to jump on their Mississippi Made dog beds since they weren’t fully dry yet. I tossed the blanket over the bed, with the water resistant side up, and they rested on their beds for several hours. Once they got up, I grabbed the blanket to see if the bed underneath was wet. It wasn’t! Our nice beds wouldn’t hold that wet dog smell for a while like they usually do, and the blanket didn’t either because it never got wet! I really found this to be one of the best uses for this blanket.

Pushing the Limits

I decided to really test the limits of this blanket and threw it out in the backyard with my crazy Labs. In true Lab fashion, they grabbed the blanket and began a game of tug-of-war. I didn’t let it escalate too much (because there are few things that can truly outlast their tug games) and took the blanket inside to wash. It got plenty dirty between the bits of mud, the excessive dust, and the dog slobber. I tossed it in the washing machine on cold, gentle cycle, and hit start. Once it made it through the wash cycle I threw it in the dryer on low heat. A little while later, I pulled out a blanket that looked brand new! The blanket held up well in the washer, and the anti-pill fleece lived up to its name!

Final Thoughts...

Overall, I found several really awesome uses for this blanket. It lived up to the expectations well, and delivered when it counted. The only downside that I can truly see for some is the price. It’s $44.99 retail, but with the guarantee, if you ever have a problem you can return the blanket to Tall Tails for a full refund or a replacement. And like I said before, I’m very particular about products I use with my dogs. I don’t mind spending a little more to get quality, and I expect the quality products that I purchase to last a long time. I’m pleased about this blanket and excited to share the amazing features and positive uses of it with you. Do you have a Tall Tails All-Season Travel Blanket? What are your thoughts on this product?



**I work for Hollywood Feed as the content director and writer and have worked in stores in the past. I was not asked to write this review, but chose to start reviewing some products in our blog because I thought my experience with the products would be beneficial to our loyal customers. Everything you read in this article is my own opinion, derived from my own personal experiences with this product.

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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