Wet vs. Dry Food: Which Do You Feed?


People feel very strongly about what they feed their pets, and when it comes to wet food versus a dry diet, there’s no exception! So, what are the benefits of feeding a wet, canned food? And, what are the disadvantages? Also, what are the pros and cons of feeding a dry kibble? Both types of foods can be healthy, complete diets for your dog or cat, but individual needs can help you determine which one works best for your furry family.

Wet Food Pros:

Extra Moisture. I think the biggest benefit of feeding your pet a wet diet is the added moisture! Canned foods have a lot of water added, and this is especially important for cats. It is also important for dogs with health issues or who don’t like to drink enough water on their own to stay well hydrated.

Dieting Help. On top of that, a wet food can be a good choice if your dog or cat is overweight and needs a diet. This may not seem logical on the surface, but the added water in canned food can make your pet feel fuller faster! It will be up to you to make sure that you are feeding the appropriate amount of wet food for weight loss, though. Remember, just like humans, pets must burn more calories than they consume each day to lose weight. If your pet continues to gain, then you MUST cut the amount of food you are feeding and increase exercise! Remember that package feeding instructions are a guideline or starting point, and you must use common sense and feed a lazy couch potato dog less than an extremely active dog.

Extremely Appetizing. Wet food smells and tastes great to our pets! This can be especially helpful for dogs or cats who are losing weight and don’t seem interested in their food. Opening a can of wet food can cause noses to start sniffing and mouths to start watering.

Easy To Chew. Older animals, rescues who have had teeth pulled, and small dogs with small mouths will probably find a wet food easier to eat. If your dog or cat starts to suddenly have trouble eating or chewing kibble, then you should have his teeth checked as soon as possible by your veterinarian! The health of your pet’s teeth and gums is integral to overall health and this should not be overlooked.

More Meat. Wet foods generally contain more meats and fewer carbs, more like a dog or cat’s natural diet in the wild, so it makes sense that our pets love it!

Dry Food Pros:

Convenience. You can’t get more convenient than scooping out a measured portion of dry food from the bag or a plastic storage bin! Dry kibble is so easy to feed, and so easy to store, which makes it a hit for those of us with busy lives.

Easy Storage. Dry food can store for longer than wet food upon opening and it doesn’t have to go in your refrigerator! Kibble can be stored in the bag it came in if you just close it up like a bag of chips, or you can store it in a storage bin like I do. You can also buy multiple bags at once and keep them in your garage for fewer trips to the store.

Economical. Dry food is less expensive than canned food! This is especially true if you are feeding large dogs or multiple pets. Buying dry food will be easier on your pocketbook, and there really are so many ways to go with dry food that there’s a quality dry food out there for every budget.

Travel Ease. If you like to take your dog on vacation or when you travel for work, then dry food is the way to go. It’s easy to transport and you don’t have to worry about whether your hotel room will have a refrigerator. You can feed on the go in the car without the scent disturbing you for hours to come.

The Downside to Wet Food:

The Scent. For humans, the smell of wet food can be very unappetizing. If you have an extra sensitive nose, mealtimes may be difficult for you if you decide to go with canned food.

Storage. Wet food does not keep as long as dry food. If you do not feed the whole can, then you must store it in the refrigerator (which may make your whole fridge stink!) Also, if you are a fan of free-feeding, or leaving food out all day for your pet to munch on, then wet food is not the way to go. I personally don’t recommend free-feeding, but if this is what you want to do, then wet food cannot be left in your pet’s bowl longer than an hour or so.

Cost. Canned foods can definitely cost more than dry foods, depending on the quality of what you buy for your pet! This is something you should definitely take into consideration. Large or multiple dogs will be more expensive to feed than a small dog or cat on canned food!

The Downside to Dry Food:

Not As Appetizing. For some dogs and cats, dry kibble just isn’t as appetizing. Especially if you have fed them canned food and you are switching them to a dry diet. In this case, I say go for high quality, high meat content dry foods, and don’t be too concerned if your pet skips a few meals! Most of our pets can stand to miss some meals, and they will eat what you put in front of them when they get hungry enough.

Processing and Preservatives. Dry kibble goes through more processing than canned food to get it into the shape and consistency that makes it so convenient. It also has more preservatives than canned food, which is why it will keep for so much longer. This is something to consider, especially for pets with certain health concerns, like cancer.


I think that either wet or dry food will work for most of our pets. The main thing to consider is the quality of the food that you buy. This is where Hollywood Feed comes in extremely handy! Hollywood Feed only sells the highest quality pet foods, so you know you are getting your pet the best quality food with the best ingredients. Talk to your local sales associate about which food will work best for your pet’s needs. I like to give my dogs and cats a mixture of kibble and canned food, and they seem pretty happy with this setup. They eat kibble most of the time, and then they get special treats of canned food when I’m feeling extra nice!

What do you feed your pets? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Jessie Isbell
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  • Allison

    I feed my dog dry dog food, specifically Holistic Select. I was up for my free bag from Hollywood feed when the snow and ice hit the other day and wasn’t able to make it to the store and I ran out of dog food. I had no other choice but to get my dog a very small bag from the nearest store I could get to. Needless to say, his behavior showed me he could definitely tell a difference. He was still hungry bc most of those foods are filler and very little actual nutrition so he was still hungry most of the day. When I came home with his Holistic Select yesterday he was literally jumping for joy! I use dry dog food instead of wet because of the cost factor but I love to give wet once in a while as a treat! We go to Hollywood Feed in Germantown and they are amazing!!! We love our store!

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