Pet Parent's Guide to the First Aid Kit

Pet Parent's Guide to the First Aid Kit

-Written by Breanna Fuller and Billie Claire Darby

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!” You hear that quote a lot, but do you know how best to prepare for an emergency in regards to your pets? Kurgo has made it a little easier with their Pet First Aid Kit. Every pet parent should own a basic first aid kit, and Kurgo’s kit includes the essentials plus more. We’ve also listed a few of our favorite add-ons in this blog.

The kit comes in a pouch made from oxford 600D fabric with twill tape binding so it’s as durable as they come. It folds up nicely and tucks away anywhere in your vehicle, home, camping gear, hiking backpack, or anywhere else you need to put it!

The Kurgo kit comes with a First Aid Field Guide. This small resource book includes information on everything from how to take your dog’s temperature to what to do in different emergency situations such as a car accident. Hypothermia, CPR, bloat, choking, etc. is all covered. Emergency numbers for poison control and the national pet recovery hotline are also included. There’s also a nice place to write your veterinarian’s information and a notes area that’s great to write area veterinary clinic information when you’re traveling. Always look up emergency vet clinic contact information in the areas you’re going. Be prepared!

Our recommended add-ons:

Remedy+Recovery Liquid Bandage for Dogs was created to help heal and protect your pet’s wound while keeping it clean and dry. This makes it perfect for small nicks and cuts from an intense hike because it lets your dog head back out on the trail protected. It’s also great for something more involved like an incision that hasn’t fully healed after surgery, but your dog is ready to go back outside and play but needs a little extra protection from the elements. Remedy+Recovery Liquid Bandage lets air pass through the film to help the healing process while keeping water, dirt, and bacteria out.

Zymox Topical Spray for Hot Spots & Skin Infections and Zymox Topical Cream for Hot Spots & Skin Infections is a great addition to a first aid kit. One of the most common skin conditions both dogs and cats can have issues with are hot spots. The hydrocortisone in these Zymox products provides temporary relief from inflammation and alleviates itchiness. In addition to managing hot spots, these Zymox products are ideal for wound care as well as other common skin infections.

Regardless if bacterial, fungal, or yeast, they can be applied once a day as needed with no pre-cleaning or scrubbing of the skin because the LP3 Enzyme System reacts with the infectious pus and debris to form its antimicrobial properties. Pre- cleaning and cleaning during use disrupts this biological system and will negatively affect results. You don’t have to worry about your dog licking the application site either. Zymox is safe, gentle, non-toxic and worry-free!

The topical cream features a catheter tip which is ideal for hard to reach applications such as skin folds.

Vet's Best Aches and Pains is a potent, aspirin-free formula that helps to ease temporary discomfort, aches, and pains. This all-natural pain reliever, primarily made of white willow bark, yucca, pineapple, and bromelain, is formulated to quickly relieve the pains from physical exercise, competition, training, and other regular daily activities. It’s also great for senior dogs and includes glucosamine for joints. Dogs love the chewable tablets!

Remedy+Recovery Styptic Powder quickly stops bleeding if you accidently clip your pet’s quick while clipping their nails, and is also great for use on minor, superficial cuts to the skin such as grooming nicks. It is NOT recommended for use on deep cuts that require stitches, severe wounds, or for use in body cavities. This is a great product to have around.

A good thermometer is a necessity. There are many options to choose from, so be sure to consider the following when buying one. Mercury thermometers are great, but require more time to get a reading. Digital thermometers are quicker, but not always as accurate. Whichever you choose, make sure the thermometer is designed and approved for rectal use on pets. Label the thermometer well so that no humans accidentally grab it and use it!

Up-to-date medical records and normal vital signs readings are also a must to keep in your first aid kit. You’ll want these records if you end up at the vet with your pet, and they’ll be close by and quickly accessible in the back pocket of your first aid kit. Read our blog on pet vital signs here to learn how to take and record your dog’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, capillary refill time, hydration status, and skin tent. It’s good to check these regularly and record your findings to have a normal range to compare to in the event of an emergency.

Click here to download a PDF chart to record your pet’s vital signs during your monthly home health check. Click here for an Excel template of that same chart.


Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit includes:

  • Parachute Cord (1)
  • First Aid Guide (1)
  • Sting Relief Pads (4)
  • Tweezers (Plastic) (1)
  • Tape Role (1)
  • Crepe Bandage - 2" (1)
  • Cotton Swab (10)
  • Tongue Depressor (4)
  • Antiseptic Towelette (4)
  • Instant Cold Pack (1)
  • Disposable Rubber Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Gauze Pad - 4" x 4" (3)
  • Gauze Pad - 2" x 2" (3)
  • Gauze Roll - 2" (1)
  • Trauma Pad - 5" x 9" (1)
  • Alcohol Prep Pad (4)
  • Thermal Foil Emergency Blanket (1)
  • Scissors (1)
  • Iodine Prep Pad (4)
  • Bottle Opener (1)
  • First Aid Bag (1)

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