Cats Demand to be Heard: Stop All That Barking!


I spend a lot of time thinking about and writing about my three dogs and the things they like to do and eat. Dogs really do demand a lot of attention, but our cats want mental stimulation, playtime, exercise and good food just as much! Let’s not forget our cats the next time we are getting our louder fur babies a new toy at Hollywood Feed.


My cats are on a rotation diet, just like my dogs. That means that they eat a different food every time I buy a new bag, and they love it! No picky eaters at my house. Rotation diets are a great way to keep feeding time interesting for cats and provide a well-rounded diet.

Canned Food.

Along with feeding kibble in Fender and Ecco’s rotation diet, I also like to give them delicious, stinky canned food. My cats definitely love the taste of canned food best, but there’s another benefit to feeding canned food to your cats besides their eternal adoration: Cats, more than dogs, need the added moisture that canned food offers to help hydrate them and keep their kidneys and liver functioning well.

Interactive Feeder.

When I do feed kibble, I like for it to be an interactive experience for my cats and a way to help keep them young. I use an Interactive Feeder, which causes them to work for their food. This is mentally stimulating as well as helpful in preventing laziness and weight gain because they have to be active in order to eat.



Cats need to have a little fun, too! We may not be able to take our cats to the park or on adventures with us as easily as we can our dogs (although Fender does have a cat-sized harness and leash and ventures outside sometimes with supervision), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play with them or keep them active and healthy.

Cat Charmer.

A great way to have fun with our cats and help them to get some exercise is a Cat Charmer. Both of my cats love this toy, and it’s a great way for me to be involved in their play as well. It is a piece of soft rainbow patterned fabric attached to a flexible stick and is SUPER durable. My cats will get very excited and chase the fabric streamer all through the house, or they will lie in wait for that perfect moment to pounce - and they will generally have a blast!

Cat Tree.

Cat trees are another great item for cats. They can be a great alternative to a cat bed because they are very comfortable! My Fender likes to pee on soft beds, but he does not have the same problem with his cat tree. Cat trees are also wonderful for saving your furniture from scratching. The carpeting and sisal rope are two favorite alternatives for scratching, and my cats have avoided our furniture since the cat tree came into our home.


Another favorite cat treat of mine is catnip. My cats were both indifferent to catnip as kittens, but around age 2 or 3, it suddenly became irresistible to them! I sprinkle a little on their cat tree, and then watch as they come running, lick it up, roll around in it, and get a wild look in their eyes! Fender will then proceed to run around the house like crazy and he and Ecco will wrestle and have a great time.

Foul Smells

Luckily cats keep themselves clean and we generally don’t have to worry about bathing them. They take care of their own nail trims most of the time through scratching and the shedding of old nails. But when it comes to a cat with a peeing problem, nothing smells worse.

Simple Solution.

Simple Solution is the SINGLE solution I have ever found to eliminating cat odors. I have to say that nothing else I have ever tried has been able to remove the smell of cat urine from cloth. I’ve mentioned Fender’s peeing problem before (this can be a sign of a medical issue in some cats, so if your cat suddenly starts peeing outside of the litter box, get him to the vet…but in my case, Fender is just a jerk sometimes). Fender really likes to pee on anything soft that may be left on the floor in lieu of his litter box. I have learned to simply not leave dog beds unattended or clothes or towels on the floor, and I buy no cloth furniture! But there has been a learning curve and I’ve washed my fair share of cat urine out of things.

Simple Solution can be applied directly to a urine spot or hairball stain by itself, or added to the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Be sure to read the directions and follow them to ensure effectiveness! Also, check out my next blog, as I explain all the joys of Simple Solution and how it works in more detail.


What are some of your cat’s favorite things? Let me know in the comment section below!

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