3 Pawesome Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work


It can be hard for many of us to imagine the scenario – ‘Bring my dog into the office with me? I’d never be able to get away with that!’ But the truth is that things are changing and there are many companies out there these days who encourage employees to bring their dogs to work. Hollywood Feed is one of them, of course! These companies know that there are definite benefits to allowing employee dogs in the workplace. So forward this along to your boss and start to plead your case!

#1- Lower Stress and Increased Health

A 2012 study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that,

“…dogs in the workplace may buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact.”

See more on this study here: http://www.news.vcu.edu/article/Benefits_of_Taking_Fido_to_Work_May_Not_Be_Far_Fetched

This makes sense to me. It is more relaxing knowing that your puppy is not crying at home all day, and is instead getting regular treats and attention. This can lead to more focused employees in the workplace.

Taking dogs on regular walks throughout the day on breaks will also improve employee health and lead to fewer sick days being taken.

Lower stress and more moving around mean benefits to our cardiovascular health as well.

Petting a dog after a stressful meeting, or going for a walk with your dog after finishing that long report can relax employees and refresh them for the rest of the work day.

And who wouldn’t like to see a wagging tail rounding the corner in the office?

#2- Unique Company Culture

Your employees and your business will put off a comfortable, flexible and open feel when you allow dogs in the office. You will definitely have a fun and unique company culture.

Employees who are already animal lovers will end up seeking out your company and a sense of comradery will develop throughout the office.

When dogs are present, creativity will be stimulated! Dogs coming to work is outside of the norm, and will get people’s creative juices flowing. And the behavior displayed by dogs throughout the day can lend itself to creativity as well.

Dogs at work can also lead to increased communication and coworker bonding. You may not have had anything to say to John before, but after you both witness a Chihuahua putting a Rottweiler in his place-you have something in common to bond over!


#3-Higher Job Satisfaction

When employees are able to bring their dogs to work with them, they have improved morale, less absenteeism, and are more productive.

Employees will actually work longer hours because they do not need to rush home to care for their dog. When Fido is right there at the office with them, with an empty bladder and a full belly, there is no pressing need to get back home!

More time bonding with their dog and loving their job is a benefit to employees, and employers get way less turnover. It’s a win/win scenario.

Plus, with a creative company culture, less stress and animal-loving co-workers, who wouldn’t be happy at work?


With these three great benefits, how could a boss say no?

Do you work in an office where pets can come to work? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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  • Jessie Isbell
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