Waterwoof? What the Heck?

Waterwoof? What the Heck?

The first time I saw the Tall Tails Waterwoof Pads, I was very confused. The pads are a velvety, felt-like fabric, and I was sure it was too soft and cozy feeling to be waterproof. Little did I know I would find a ton of uses for it.

I took two of the pads home for product testing. They're designed to be placed inside the cover of a dog bed on top of the pillow, to protect the pillow bed that can't be washed like the zip-off covers if a dog is wet and muddy or has an accident on the bed. My intention was to do exactly that with one of my Mississippi Made dog beds, but I found another use for them before I even made it home. I stopped to pick up a friends dog from her mom and found the dog had been swimming and was soaked. I opened the small pad and placed it in the floorboard of my car.

The dog loaded up and rested, curled up on the mat, all the way home. When I got home, I found the top of the mat was wet where the dog had been laying, but the bottom side and the floorboard were completely dry! I was a little impressed.

After a few tests at home using the pads inside, and laying on top of, my dog beds like they were intended to be used I became more and more impressed with the product.

When they're inside the cover of a dog bed and my dog climbs onto his bed, there's no crinkly sound like with many waterproof covers. Also, they're soft and very nice to look at for when I have then laying on top of the beds. The dogs love them!

It didn't take me long to find many more uses for the pads...

After taking the dogs swimming at the lake one afternoon, I laid the pads out in their kennels before putting them inside to ride safely in the car. The pads absorbed water off the dogs and helped dry them while keeping water from pooling in the floor of the crate.

Although Kuranda beds are super easy to clean and very quick to dry, it proved to me much easier to just throw a waterwoof pad on top of the bed and have the dog lie on place for a while when they came back from playing soaking wet and covered in mud. They chilled out, rolled around on the mat, and pretty much dried themselves off. I threw the pad in the washing machine and everything was as good as new again! If I had used a towel, water would have been absorbed through the towel and the Kuranda bed would have still gotten wet, but not with the Waterwoof pad!

I now keep a couple of pads, the small size and the large size, in the center console of my vehicle. They fold up nicely and are available whenever I need them!

You can use them just like a towel and clean mud and water off of your dog's feet, and even place them right inside over your doormat and let them collect dirt on the dog's way inside!

And this weekend we are spending the Memorial Day weekend at the lake in the camper. The Waterwoof pads have proven to be absolutely essential.

Check out this quick video on how the Waterwoof pad works...

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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