Fromm Family Pet Food Has Never Had a Recall!


I recently had the pleasure of attending a training class by Fromm Family Pet Food, a family owned and operated company since 1904. Fromm is the country’s oldest premium pet food company and has remained in the family for 111 years and 5 generations! Fromm originally came to the market with the first canine and feline distemper vaccine in 1939, and after that began working on making a gourmet pet food. They experimented with cooking meat and grain together, making the first kibble for pets in 1949, which paved the way for the modern dog food kibble.

Gourmet Pet Food

When Fromm really started to focus on pet food, they wanted to focus on nutrition and making a gourmet food that was all natural, and good for pets above all else. That same attitude continues to this day. Did you know that Fromm has NEVER had a pet food recall? This is because they have such a high focus on quality control, many safety measures in place to prevent contamination, and they test each batch of their dog food, along with an independent test facility, before it goes to market to make sure only safe food makes it into retail stores. Fresh, never frozen or pre-processed fruits and vegetables come into their plant daily. All meat and fish is USDA inspected and also comes in daily. Human-quality food is what goes into each batch of pet food!

Every Ingredient Matters

Something else that Fromm provides is information about every single ingredient that they put into their food, and why it is there. If you go to their website , you will find a beautiful site with vibrant pictures. If you click on the ‘Products’ tab at the top of the page (just the tab, not one of the drop-downs from the tab), and choose either the image of the dog or the cat and click on it, then you will be asked to enter some information about your pet (age, ideal weight, activity level). Once you have done that, you will be given recommendations for the best formulas of food for your pet. Also, if you click on one of the recommended foods to find out more information, you can then click on each individual ingredient and find out information about that ingredient and exactly why it was added to your pet’s food. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s amazing!

Supports IndependentBusiness

Fromm also refuses to do business with big box chain stores and only works with independent retailers who truly have pets’ best interest at heart, like Hollywood Feed.

Which Fromm Formula is Right for Me?

Fromm has three different lines of pet food. There is Fromm classic, which is based on the original formula made in 1949; Fromm Gold, which focuses on each life-stage of a pet, from puppy or kitten to mature, and for large or small breed specific needs, or weight management needs; and Fromm Four Star, created to feed on a rotational diet to provide variety to your pet, who probably gets tired of eating the same thing all of the time. Wouldn’t you?


What is your favorite Fromm food?

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  • Jessie Isbell
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  • Catherine Alcala
    Catherine Alcala

    My favorite would be the Fromm four star, as my dog likes to eat different foods always.

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