Respect Your Cat Day: March 28th


As the pet parent of both cats and dogs, I know that our dogs tend to get an awful lot of attention on a regular basis while our cats can take a backseat. This can often be because dogs are so pushy when they want our attention, and cats can seem a little aloof. But on March 28th, 2015, it is time to Respect Your Cat with a day of celebration!

Meet My Cats

I want to share a little more information about the two adorable cats I have at home with their own separate personalities, charm, and bad habits. Fender is my 11-year-old (left), and Ecco is 4 (right). I love them both very much! Fender is a cat who will ask for attention when he needs it. He will get on the kitchen table or coffee table when he needs to be petted, roll over onto his back (knocking over drinks or anything else that happens to be there) and wiggle around meowing until I come over and rub his belly. He will sit in my husband’s and my laps in the evening while we watch TV or work on our computers (although he does this a lot more in the winter than in the summer), and he will lick the salty sweat off my arm when I come home from the gym! He is awesome.

Ecco is a different kind of cat. I found her when she was a couple of weeks old meowing in the bushes on a rainy night at the apartment complex I was living in at the time. I got her out of the bushes and brought her in, and she was clearly not part of the cluster of feral cats that roamed the complex. Once she came into our apartment, she was home. Fender liked her right away and she commenced climbing furniture and scaling whatever she could. She is not a cuddler like Fender is. She will tolerate being held, but she will not hesitate to stick her claws in me when she wants to get away. She does come over to me starting about 2 hours before mealtime and meow, purr and ask to have that spot right above her tail scratched every day, and she will wake me up yowling at the bedroom door if I try to sleep in and don't get her breakfast on time! She will become sweet and want to cuddle at about 3 am if I ever happen to be up at that time of night, which is a very rare thing.

Treat Your Cats Today, and Everyday

Both Fender and Ecco are very important to me, and my three dogs even love them. On Respect Your Cat Day, make sure to give your special kitties some extra attention:

  • Cuddles and belly rubs are a good place to start.
  • Buy your kitties a new toy so they stay healthy with exercise. My favorite cat toys are a laser pointer and the Cat Charmer toy by Cat Dancer, both of my cats will go crazy for them!
  • Let them try some cat grass that they can nibble on.
  • Get them a scratching post-this will help save your furniture!
  • Pour a little cat nip on the table and let them roll around in it!
  • Find a new treat to surprise them with
  • Feed your cats some special canned food instead of their regular kibble. Fender and Ecco get really excited when they see me getting their canned food out.

What are some ways you give special attention to your cats? What do you plan to do for them today?

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  • Jessie Isbell
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