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Natural Balance came to do a training class on their pet foods with Hollywood Feed staff recently, and I attended. It was an interesting class and I learned that Natural Balance was the very first pet food company outside of prescription brands, which are available only at veterinary offices, to make limited ingredient diets (LIDs) starting in 2001.

Limited Ingredient Diets

Natural Balance currently has LIDs for both dogs and cats. Using one of these formulas is a great way to determine if your pet’s symptoms are due to a food allergy or due to something else. A true limited ingredient diet has only one protein and one carbohydrate. This way if you suspect your pet has a food allergy it is really easy to put him on an elimination diet by feeding him nothing but the Sweet Potato and Venison formula for 12 weeks. If after that time he is no longer having issues, great! You will then know that it was a food allergy, and he is not allergic to venison. Now you can try another food with one protein and one carbohydrate and if the issues come back, you have found the cause of his food allergy.

They even have a vegan formula for adult dogs in case you have a fur baby who is allergic to all proteins, and they have grain-free formulas as well.

Test, Test, Test for Contaminates

After the melamine recall of 2007, Natural Balance wanted their customers to be able to buy their food with confidence, so they implemented a new process to test each batch of food they make for 9 possible contaminates. They test each batch of food they produce three times and then they hold the food at their warehouse until the test results come back. This way any possibly contaminated food does not make it onto the shelves of Hollywood Feed! They also hold these samples in storage for two years so that they can put the customer’s mind at ease if they think Natural Balance food made their pet sick. A new test can be done as long as you keep the bag of dog food.

You can also look up the test results for your bag of dog food online. Just go to and click on the “Buy with Confidence” link at the center of the page. Then enter the information it asks for, found on your bag of food. Voila!

Food Rolls

Another fun option by Natural Balance is their food roll. The food roll is a complete and balanced meal by itself, but it is also a great supplement for puppies and pregnant or lactating females and will disguise medications very well. These are also great for picky dogs who won’t eat their dinner. Just grate a little of the food roll over the kibble, and even the pickiest of dogs will chow down!


Natural Balance sources all of its own ingredients and will reject ingredients that come into the plant if they are not up to standards, even if this means not making a line of food for a while until they can find that quality ingredient again. They also strive to find novel ingredients for their foods!

Natural Balance is a great option for your dog or cat, and is the first place to go if you think your pet may have a food allergy! Talk to your Hollywood Feed sales associate about starting your dog or cat on an elimination diet if you think there may be an allergy issue.

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