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Y'all remember Brew...one of our Underdogs featured in the Underdog Day story. Well, I've got an update and it's a good one. Brew's story has ended well!

His journey began back in November of last year. He was found limping down a street in Memphis, and when we found him he walked straight to us and melted into our arms. He so desperately wanted our help. We took him back to the store, fed him, and bathed him multiple times. It took many shampooings before the suds weren't brown anymore. He waited patiently during the baths, loved every minute of the toweling off, and even sat still for a nail clipping. After a bath he had another meal that a customer so kindly purchased for him, then we picked him out a new collar, a leash, and a tasty chew bone. A quick trip to the vet told us that he was heart worm negative, had no demodetic or sarcoptic mange, and had no fecal worms or broken bones. The limp caused him no pain and didn't require any immediate care. This was all miraculous in itself.

A very kind, loving, and generous couple in Oxford, MS decided to foster him. He fit in well with their family and appreciated the comfy bed and safe kennel to sleep in at night. They instantly began working with him, training him, socializing him, and building body weight and muscle. He was so eager to please, and happy to go out of his way to learn what his new humans were asking of him.

Brew and his foster parents:


A few months later, I decided that we needed to know what the limp was and if there was any surgery necessary. We wouldn't be able to find him a forever home without having the funds to pay for the surgery if he needed one. I took him to a local vet to find out what needed to be done, and how much money I would need to raise. He brought back an interesting finding, making Brew's story even more complex. An x-ray showed a metal plate with quite a few screws in his rear hind leg. The vet said this was an expensive surgery so someone loved this little guy and took good care of him in the past. His growth plates hadn't closed yet, meaning he was less than a year old. It was our hope that we could find the vet who performed this surgery, and since it was done within the past year, they would remember the dog.

Brew's X-Rays from our vet visit:


We began searching and found that Memphis Veterinary Specialists performed these surgeries, but unfortunately it was what they specialized in and they did tons throughout the year with no way of finding who this particular dog belonged to. They offered to help us find the owner in many ways including posting pictures around their clinic, and other ways. They were excited about the lead and hopeful that we could find the owner soon.

In the meantime, Brew's foster mom got online and started searching through Facebook pages dealing with lost and found pets. We talked and decided to post Brew's picture, with his x-ray, and his entire story and see what happened. She posted and within hours she had found the owner. It was truly a miracle. Brew belonged to a veterinarian who's employee saw the photograph and x-ray online and knew it was him. After speaking with the doctor, we found out his name was Finn and he had been brought into her clinic after supposedly being hit by a car. The people who brought him in found him in that condition and couldn't afford the surgery or keep him. Dr. Anderson offered to pay for the surgery at MVS and foster him. After his surgery and recovery he was adopted out but soon found his way out of the fenced back yard and back on the streets. Everyone searched tirelessly for him with no luck. They never stopped looking, but never had much luck...until now.

Finn's x-ray from immediately after his first surgery before he got lost. There's no doubt he's Dr. Anderson's dog! It's an exact match!

Over 6 months later, Finn is back at Dr. Anderson's home where he belongs. Unfortunately, at some time while living on the streets, the end of his femur broke off and heeled back crooked. This resulted in his patella slipping to the side, and a cruciate tear. He has had a surgery to correct this and check on the plate in his leg and is now doing great. He lives with the dogs he grew up with in foster care, as well as some goats! He's spoiled rotten, as he should be.

We all couldn't be happier about the outcome and are excited to say that even with a cast on, he has one happy tail!

Here's Brew's (well, Finn's...I have to get used to calling him that!) first time to see his owner in over 6 months!

Here he is enjoying a toy after his surgery, then snuggling in the bed at home with Dr. Anderson:


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  • Billie Claire Darby
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