Nootie and Maurie


What Is Nootie?

Representatives from Nootie came to give a training class to Hollywood Feed employees recently. They spoke about their products, and gave the Hollywood Feed staff the chance to ask A LOT of
questions like they always do! Nootie has a line of pet grooming products and treats. Also, they have just added a line of dog and cat food, called Mauri.

Shampoos and Spritzes

First of all, Nootie’s shampoos and spritzes are wonderful! They have the best scents (based off of popular human scents from Bath and Body Works), such as:

  • Cucumber Melon
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Sweet Pea and Vanilla
  • Warm Vanilla Cookie
  • Coconut Lime Verbena

And even more! I use Warm Vanilla Cookie at my house right now, and it is wonderful. I think I will have to try something new when I run out, though, because they all smell so good!

Conditioning and Long-Lasting

Nootie’s shampoos and spritzes both work really well to help with conditioning your dog’s skin, so he will itch less. They are safe to use on dogs and cats (no amount of grooming will make the animal sick because all ingredients are non-toxic). There are also new foaming shampoos available as well as a new tearless puppy shampoo…aww!


Mauri is Nootie’s new line of premium pet food. Mauri is a word from the Maori Tribe, the indigenous settlers of New Zealand. It means the essential quality or vitality of a being or entity. It’s the life force that ties everything together in our physical world.

Made in New Zealand and Australia

Mauri was created in New Zealand (and Australia) after a search for plants with very high-quality control. The standards in New Zealand are stricter than the standards in the United States. So, by using their plants, Mauri has been able to guarantee that there are single-animal proteins in their foods, which means that you will never end up with a little bit of goat meat mixed in with your kangaroo!


Why Not the USA?

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranked 178 countries in 2014 on the quality of air, water, sanitation, agriculture, forests, fisheries, biodiversity, and habitat qualities. Here are some of the rankings:

Australia-3rd         New Zealand-16th         Canada-24th         USA-33rd

Benefits of Mauri

Mauri is not sold online or at big box stores-you can only find it at independent pet stores like Hollywood Feed. Mauri’s products are:

  • Free of grains, gluten, potato and carrageenan gum (so, good for diabetics)
  • Truly have single-sourced animal proteins for pets with food allergies
  • All proteins are free range, wild caught, or grass fed
  • Fresh pumpkin and New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel are in all formulas
  • Fish oil made from Snapper and Hoki (native to NZ) is in all formulas

Exotic Protein Options

New Zealand and Australia are both home to the interesting and exotic meats Mauri uses in its foods. If you are looking to change your dog to a novel protein you can’t get many places, then you need to try Mauri’s kangaroo, brushtail, and hoki. An eel formula is also coming soon!

There are some delicious-sounding flavors for dogs and cats, they sound like restaurant entrees to me!



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