Your Pets Have New Year's Resolutions, Too!


Celebrating the new year at Hollywood Feed isn't just about our new year's resolutions, it's about our pets' new year's resolutions! It's important to include them in decisions to be healthy and more active. Your pets will thank you for it, and trust me, they love being a part of all the activities you do.

Brittany Gilliam, our operations director, participated in a segment on WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis this morning and explained some of the ways you can help your dog get more fit in 2015. When you consider the fact that age seven is the average lifespan for a giant breed dog, you'll realize how much more being just a little overweight can effect their lifespans.

"Just a few pounds on a dog effects their health much more than a few pounds on a human," says Brittany. "Think about it this way, depending on the breed of your pet about 5 extra pounds on a dog is pretty much equal to 20 pounds on a human."

Brittany emphasizes the importance of mental and physical stimulation for your pets, and mentions the use of toys and puzzles such as Kong, Can Toys, and interactive puzzles. Consistency in your dogs life is also very important. Being consistent with everyday things like walks, training, and time spent playing with your dog makes a huge difference in their overall happiness and well-being.

Watch Brittany as she talks about Gemma's new years resolutions below:

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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