Underdog Day


He was found limping down the street. A skinny, broken dog with love in his eyes and hope in his heart.

She found her way to the right house on the right day in just the right amount of time. There wasn't much she had left to give; she was about to give up.

An underdog can be described as one who is at a disadvantage or expected to lose. These two lost and lonely dogs can most definitely be described as underdogs and since today is Underdog Day I'd like to tell you the stories of these two who are making their way to the top. I don't want to focus on the negative previous part of their lives, but I want to tell the story of their fight to becoming amazing, loved, and cherished family pets.


Brew was so malnourished that I actually thought he had been hit by a car. He was limping so badly I thought the only thing possible was a broken bone or displaced hip. His skin was rough, covered in sores and scabs, and he had lost a lot of hair. Through all of this negativity and the pain he must have been in, he was the most loving and affectionate puppy. He ran right to us and melted in our laps.

After a vet visit, I found out he limped because he was so emaciated and had no muscle tone in his hind end, and his skin was so bad because of the lack of proper nutrition. Fortunately, he didn't have any kind of mange, no heartworms, and his fecal was negative. I thought I was the luckiest rescuer ever; the vet bills would be manageable!

I searched for a foster home and found the perfect family in Oxford, MS. The couple had fostered 90 dogs up to that point and Brew would soon be number 91. After purchasing him some food, a chew bone, a new collar, and a leash (all from Hollywood Feed, of course), my mother helped me get him from Memphis to Oxford. He had a new bed and crate waiting for him, and he didn't hesitate to make himself at home.

Brew was fantastic in the crate, and over the next few days his foster mom found out what an amazing dog he was. He was affectionate and eager to learn. She taught him to sit and to drop his toy. She even found a little Labrador in the pup with the Pit exterior because he proved to be such an excellent retriever!

Today, Brew is living the life gaining weight and growing hair! He enjoys watching television on the couch, chasing the other dogs around, pouncing on falling leaves (those suckers will get you if you aren't careful), and cuddling up to his fosters for warm hugs. He’s getting healthy and will be looking for a forever home soon. Don't you think this qualifies as a story where the underdog comes out on top?


Genevieve was making her way down a quiet street at just the right moment in time. The husband of a Hollywood Feed staff member walked up from his backyard as she was making her way into his driveway. He immediately knew he had to do something and after giving her fresh water and some food he sent pictures to his wife and others. Everyone jumped into action to find a place for this sweet and loving dog. It was obvious that she needed immediate care and was taken to a local vet clinic and put on IV fluids due to dehydration. She needed a place to go, someone to nurture her back to health, but it was going to be a big job; she needed someone to devote all of their time to her.

The Memphis and Shelby County Humane Society focuses on dogs who need rehabilitation and serious medical care. They’re the perfect place for her to find health again and prepare for a forever home where she can prosper. The shelter was full but had a dog going to a foster home the next day and could take Genevieve then. She spent the night (maybe the first night in a warm, comfy bed in a long time) awaiting her trip to the shelter in the home she so fortunately wandered up to earlier in the day.

Currently in quarantine (a safety precaution that all incoming dogs go through to protect others that currently reside at the shelter), she's getting plenty of love and attention and already becoming healthier. She gets much needed one-on-one attention of caregivers at the Memphis Humane and even visitors from Hollywood Feed! Once she is healthy again, the shelter will give her a personality test, along with other assessments, so they can match her with the perfect forever family. Matching personality of the dog and personality of the family is crucial in a successful adoption. If not done correctly, the relationship could end with the dog at the shelter again. From what we can tell about Genevieve, she'll need a family that loves to cuddle!


If you're interested in meeting either of these dogs and filling out an adoption application, please email rescuesupport@hollywoodfeed.com. Neither are ready for adoption just yet, but will be as soon as they are fully healthy again.

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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