Soap for Dogs...and People, Too!


Do you have a pet with allergies, dry or sensitive skin, or a dingy coat? Do you bathe your pet at home? Then one of the soaps from Heart of Eden Natural Products is perfect for you!

Who is Heart of Eden?

Heart of Eden Natural Products makes wonderful soap from goat’s milk and organic herbs and oils. All of the products are made at Daily Blessings Farm, which is in Hernando, MS, a local farm to those here in Memphis, TN. Teresa Gregory owns the farm and she told Hollywood Feed at the latest employee training class that she began making soap for herself, originally, because she had a lot of allergies and could not find a soap gentle enough for her skin.

Teresa takes a lot of pride in her farm being sustainable, cruelty-free, and chemical free:


  • Composting and recycling are done on the farm
  • Buys oils from companies that value sustainability


  • All of the goats that produce milk for the soap are raised on their own farm
  • Teresa keeps her goats for their full lifespan, even after they quit producing milk

Chemical Free.

  • Maintain a garden without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizer
  • All herbs used in the soaps are certified organic
  • NO: soy, GMO, sulfates, phosphates, surfactants, parabens, detergent, or petroleum

Besides raw goat’s milk being an awesome diet for our pets, it also has wonderful qualities when applied to the outside of our bodies.

  • It has naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps remove dead skin cells and clean pores
  • It has anti-microbial properties
  • It can soothe dry skin
  • It has traces of many natural vitamins, which help to nourish skin and condition hair or fur

Natural Oils

Teresa uses many natural oils in her eight varieties of soap. Each soap variety is unique to address different skin issues one might be having.

Palm oil
Castor oil
Palm kernel oil
Coconut oil
Sunflower oil
Olive Oil
Jojoba oil
Cocoa butter

Which Is the Soap for Me?

Here’s a look at the different soaps, so you can figure out which one is right for your puppy:

OATMEAL AND HONEY-for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers

LAVENDER, ALOE, AND CLAY-for dermatitis, burns, minor wounds, and conditioning

DAYDREAM DOGGY-promotes calm and a clear mind

MUD PUPPY-for skin health, pain relief, and insect repellant

ITCHY DOG-for itchy, flaky skin, skin disorders, and a highly effective insect repellant and deodorizer

HERBAL HELPER-aids in the soothing and healing of open wounds, flea and tick repellant

GREEN TEA AND ALOE-relieves stiff muscles, dermatitis and inflammation

FLEE FLEA-promotes skin and fur health, highly repellant for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and black flies


Visit to see what they offer for dogs and humans alike. And by the way, Teresa is a certified, advanced soap maker. I think I’m going to use Daydream Doggy on myself!

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