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The latest Hollywood Feed training class I had the pleasure of attending was for Pet Safe. CJ, the representative, gave a very informative presentation! Pet Safe is a company that makes electronic products for pets. Everything from remote training collars to underground fences to automatic litter boxes!!  Their website is, and their phone number is 1-866-738-4379. Feel free to call and ask them about any of their products.

There are four different ways PetSafe’s collars (remote training collars, bark collars, collars paired with fences or other Pet Safe electronic products) interrupt a dog’s behavior. They can use a pop of static (like you may get in the winter getting out of your car), a spray of compressed air, an ultrasonic tone, or a simple vibration.

Intro to Remote Training Collars

I was really excited to hear what CJ had to say about remote training collars. These are collars that many people call “shock” collars, but they do not shock or hurt your dog. These collars have many settings and use multiple techniques for training your dog. There are training videos posted at PetSafe’s youtube site:

I have personally used training collars to correct behavior in two of my dogs, Annie, and Fitzgerald. Skeeter is always so good and calm that he has just never had any behaviors he really needed to change! The main use of a training collar is to interrupt your dog’s thought process very quickly so that she will pay attention to the command you are trying to give, or to get her to stop displaying a negative behavior. It is much easier to use treats and positive reinforcement to train your dog to learn a behavior, such as “sit”, “shake”, etc. I really only use my training collars when I take all three dogs to the dog park and want to be able to get Annie’s and Fitz’s attention when they are playing off leash and may start running off with another dog, or to get their attention when their adrenaline is going and I am the last thing on Annie’s mind!

Lots of Options

PetSafe’s remote trainers have an up to 2-mile radius, multiple levels of intensity, multiple price points, multiple sizes and fits, rechargeable battery options and they are waterproof. You can also use one remote to control up to the three separate collars! There are so many options that you should definitely have a conversation with the staff at your local Hollywood Feed before buying. They were given so much information about these collars, that they can help you find the right one for you and your dog.

Class Participation

In the training class, CJ passed around one of the remote training collars that use a pop of static so that each staff member could experience how it feels. You should know what you are doing to your dog! Everyone held the collar in their hand and let CJ start with “vibration” and then go up to level 1 of the static, and some people went all the way up to the top-level 7! The point of this exercise was for everyone to see that the static is not painful, just tingly and startling. Also, for everyone to see that different people have different tolerance levels for the static, just like dogs. Some people did not want to feel the static charge past level 2 while others went all the way to level 7 with no problem.

What I Need To Know

The main two things you need to focus on when using a remote trainer with your dog is 1) making sure you get the right fit for your dog, and 2) making sure you put the collar on the right setting for your dog. When you are using a collar with static, you should start with the vibration setting, see if your dog responds, and then move up one level at a time from there if you do not get a response. You should NEVER get a vocalization from your dog because that means you have the setting TOO HIGH!! With my Annie, even though she is a very intense and focused dog, I rarely have to use anything except vibrate! The quick reminder gives her a chance to stop thinking about whatever she was focused on and return her attention to me because she really just wants to please.

Bark Collars

Other remote training collars from Pet Safe can use an ultrasonic tone to stop your dog’s behavior, or a burst of compressed, scented air. These methods are both good for stopping behaviors as well, but not quite as effective as vibration or static, and may take a longer time period to train your dog. Pet Safe also has three different levels of bark control collars, using the same types of correction methods as the training collars (vibration, static, ultrasonic sound, and compressed air).


Another great line that Pet Safe has is containment products! These are either wireless or wired “invisible” fences you can train your pet on. There are different benefits to each, such as the acreage covered and installation process, but both are less expensive than building a basic wooden fence around the same area! Collars go with these fences as well and again use the same correction methods. These fences can be used on cats also! I would really love to have one of these if I didn’t have a fenced in yard.


There are also pet-proofing products that can keep dogs and cats out of certain areas of your yard or home. These are transmitter boxes that can be wireless or wired and come with collars. They can keep your dog out of the flowerbed, or your cat off of the kitchen table and counter, or keep the dog out of the cat’s food or litter box! They also have a Paws Away mat, which gives a correction when two paws touch the mat at the same time. This can help keep a dog or cat from jumping on furniture. Finally, there is a product called Scat, which will release a burst of compressed air when an animal walks by it, to keep them away from an area as well.

Fountains and Litter Boxes

Drinkwell Fountains are another product Pet Safe carries, which keeps the water in constant motion for your pet, filters the water, and is dishwasher safe. The last product CJ went over during the training was their Scoop Free Automatic Cat Box. This litter box allows you to never scoop cat litter again! You can set a timer to scoop anywhere from 2-20 minutes after your cat is in there, and the refills are lightweight so you don’t have to lug around that heavy bag of litter.


In conclusion, this was a great training class. I spent a lot of time talking about remote training collars because I thought this was the most controversial product to many people, but I hope everyone can see that training collars can be very humane, as long as you know how to use them! They can also make your life much easier, so watch some training videos and get training!

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