Pilly and Gouda: Still Searching for That Perfect Family


Parvo early in a pup's life usually spells disaster, but Pilly not only beat Parvo but also Sarcoptic Mange before she was eight weeks old. This tenacious little girl was “purchased” from a family that said they weren’t able to care for her. Melanie Pafford was driving near downtown Memphis one afternoon when she spotted the several week old puppy in a basket near some children. She made a few loops and found what she expected, the children gone and the puppy left behind. She stopped and knocked on the door of the home and was greeted by a young girl and her mom. The mother told Melanie she couldn’t care for the dog and if Melanie wanted her she would take $20. Melanie had never paid money for a dog before, but she knew she had to do just that. She immediately took the pup, that she named Pilly, to the vet and since then she has been in the care of the Streetdog Foundation in Memphis, TN and has spent time at a few different foster homes.

Pilly appreciates the little things in life. She knows she had a tough beginning and wants to relish in every amazing moment she has now.

“Pilly is very independent. She loves to play with other dogs but also can entertain herself for hours.” says Erica, a volunteer for the organization. “She's also quite the tom boy. Her favorite thing is dirt and mud (probably because she is solid white).”

After a long day playing with her pals there's only one thing Pilly wants to do. Tiffany, a volunteer who has kept Pilly when her foster families were out of town, says she loves to snuggle on the couch and even sit in her lap! It's sounds like a pretty good life for a dog who had it so tough in the beginning.

Gouda and his running buddy used to run around together on the streets of Memphis, TN. Everyone knows that's no place for a dog, but Gouda and and his friend seemed to have the way of the streets down pat. Lucky for them, their street knowledge kept them alive but they couldn't ignore the opportunity they were about to stumble upon...a family unloading groceries that had left their front door open. The two dogs wandered in the house when the family wasn't looking and hid, quietly, waiting for the family to come back inside. The family was surprised to find the two dogs calmly waiting to be discovered and each enjoyed all the petting that followed. Both dogs were taken to the Streetdog Foundation in hopes they would one day find homes.

Today, Pilly and Gouda are still in search of their forever families. Both live with foster families now, fit right in, and are members of the pack. Tomorrow concludes our series of pet posts for #NationalPetWeek. You won’t want to miss the final post. There is something all these dogs have in common. Come back tomorrow to find out!


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  • Billie Claire Darby
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