Snow: The Toy Hoarder


Brenda O’Conner was visiting a friend’s daughter at a pet shop one day when she noticed a tiny white puppy with extremely long ears. The staff at the store explained she was a member of a litter of Dachshund puppies they were selling but she had medical problems so they couldn’t sell her. Because of this, the breeder planned on putting her down. Brenda asked about the issues and determined the puppy could live an extremely happy life and didn’t deserve to be “given up on.” She talked the store into letting her buy the puppy for what they bought her for and she headed home with her tiny ball of joy that she named Snow.

Having no clue she would end up with a new dog that day, Brenda carefully introduced Snow to her other dogs and she fit right in. She even got to know the cats which ended up to be a blessing to Rosie. Rosie was a little cat found after a home in the neighborhood burned. She was injured pretty bad but Snow took her under her wing and cuddled with her and cared for her until the wounds healed. They became fast friends and are still best buddies today.

Snow is known as the toy hoarder around the O’Conner house. Brenda, who manages the Atoka Hollywood Feed brings home tons of toys for her pups but Snow seems to always end up with them collected in her bed.

“Snow is a very special dog,” says Brenda, “She has brought a lot of joy to my life.”

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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  • Janet

    Beautiful Snow!

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