Seymour Weeble Wobble


Seymour has been hanging out with the Hollywood Feed crew for 3 whole weeks as of today!  He is about 3 weeks and 3 days old, and he has tripled his weight from 323 grams to now 992 grams. He attributes Answers' Raw Goat's Milk to his impressive weight gain, of course.  He loves the taste and the results are undeniable--he's growing and fast!  Seymour just wishes he could get this walking thing down!  He has to find his inner balance and concentrate really hard (we think he might need some yoga to complement his gym activities), but he's slowly figuring it out. Seymour is confident he can do just about anything!  He even offered to help Anne with pricing today.  Seymour agrees Hollywood Feed has some of the best pricing, but all of those numbers just put him straight to sleep.  Since he has been working so hard, we'll cut him some slack this time!

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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