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I had the pleasure of attending Hollywood Feed’s training class on Answers Pet Food with Jacqueline Hill on Wednesday, August 27th. I have really been looking forward to attending this class! Answers Pet Food is a company that creates a raw diet for your dog or cat. One of their most exciting products is their Raw Goat’s Milk Formula, and this really seems to be a miracle food. I learned so much about the benefits of feeding a raw diet at this training, and I was very impressed with Jacqueline’s nutritional knowledge and scientific evidence for these positive health effects.

I will share some highlights of what I learned with you, but please visit their website at If you have any questions for Jacqueline, the company’s number 1-800-431-8480 rings directly to her or her sister Roxanne’s cell phone and they answer all calls themselves. They really encourage anyone with questions or concerns about feeding a raw diet to call them to talk about it! You can also view their FAQ for more information.

90% of all health problems in our pets are caused by the food we feed them. Dogs were meant to eat a raw diet, and they did this until they were domesticated. Humans then began to feed them the same food that we ate. Eventually, with manufacturing and processing, we changed their diets from the raw foods they were meant to eat, to what companies could cheaply make and market to us as a convenient alternative in order to maintain profitability.

A raw diet can increase a dog’s lifespan by 183%. Food is the first medicine, and with the right diet, the need for medications may be eliminated. Answers Pet Food has several lines of products, from a variety of raw meats for dogs and cats to a new product called Fermented Fish Stock, and their most impressive product: Raw Goat’s Milk Formula. Feeding the Raw Goat’s Milk Formula or raw meat products from their Detailed Answers line is a complete nutritional diet for your pet, with no other feeding necessary. It gives them 100% of what they need.

A raw diet has 70-90% bioavailability while dry kibble can be as low as 20% bioavailability. This means that 70-90% of the nutrition in a raw diet can be easily absorbed into the body while the body can only absorb 20% - 40% of the nutrition contained in kibble due to the way processing changes the molecules. This is why you can feed your pet less raw food than you would kibble, and still be providing enough nutrients. This actually makes the price of raw food very reasonable if you can follow the feeding amounts listed for your dog. It may not look like enough food because you are used to feeding larger portions, but your dog will not feel hungry or unsatisfied!

Answers Raw Goat’s Milk is not pasteurized! Pasteurization actually changes the nutrients in food. It unravels proteins, destroys enzymes, and the high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) processes drive the toxins from the plastic they are wrapped in during the pasteurization process directly into the food you or your pet is about to consume. After pasteurization, the food contains phthalates, heavy metals, and carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), which were not there before the pasteurization process. Pasteurization also causes lactose intolerance in humans and pets by removing the lactase that is naturally present in the milk. This is the enzyme the body needs to digest lactose.

Answers Pet Food uses fermentation instead of pasteurization-like Christopher Columbus used to keep his food from spoiling on his ocean journey before refrigeration. It is perfectly safe! Fermentation uses the good bacteria or yeast in our food to change carbohydrates and proteins into new nutrients that are good for you or your pet. The good bacteria in the foods will take over the bad bacteria and prevent things like salmonella. Eating fermented products will kill bad bacteria you or your pet may have in your gut. Fermentation=Nature’s Medicine!

There are many health benefits in feeding Raw Goat’s Milk Formula to your dog or cat. The formula contains probiotics (200+ species of good bacteria-way more than any supplement), Enzymes, caprylic acid (fights yeast), conjugated linoleic acid (fights cancer), and Glutathione (great antioxidant). Using Raw Goat’s Milk Formula can help treat and/or prevent the following conditions or problems: vomiting, diarrhea, IBS/IBD, Colitis, pancreatitis, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, allergies, and cancer. It is a natural antihistamine and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can also provide support to the immune system, the respiratory system, the kidneys and the liver. A Raw Goat’s Milk Formula diet can also promote a healthy gut and oral health.

Answers Pet Food has just recently come out with a wonderful new product: Fermented Fish Stock! This has many of the same health benefits as the Raw Goat’s Milk Formula. It provides benefits to your dog’s, or your cat’s: joints (full of glucosamine/chondroitin and a whole lot more), thyroid, kidneys, liver, digestion, oral health (remineralizes and tightens teeth), immune system, and respiratory system. It beautifies skin and coat, and can be used as an appetite stimulant and anti-inflammatory. Fermented Fish Stock can also be used to help treat and/or prevent: vomiting, diarrhea, IBS/IBD, colitis, pancreatitis, arthritis, hypertension, allergies, diabetes (stimulates insulin production), seizures (reduces number and intensity), and cancer. This is not a complete diet, and should be used to supplement your pet’s diet….but it’s arguably the best supplement you can buy!

Answers Pet Food has a line of frozen meat mixtures that are also a complete diet for your pet, called Detailed Answers. This line has three varieties of raw meat formula for dogs, including chicken, pork and beef; as well as a chicken and beef formula for cats.

Finally, they have a line called Straight Answers for dogs. This line is not a complete diet by itself, but can be used as a great foundation along with the Raw Goat’s Milk Formula. This formula contains meat, organs, ground bone, and raw goat milk whey.

I know that this is a lot of information, but it is so interesting and exciting to me! If you are looking to try a raw diet for your pet, which I would recommend, then even putting a tablespoon of Raw Goat’s Milk Formula or Fermented Fish Stock on your pup’s kibble will have health benefits.  Pouring 6oz per day on top of the kibble of a large dog can have tremendous health benefits, and will allow your dog to actually absorb the nutrients he would not otherwise absorb from the kibble into his body (Remember what I said about bioavailability?).

If you are cooking for your pet at home or giving raw food that you prepare, then keep in mind that the diet you are feeding may not have all of the necessary nutrient values needed for a puppy’s growth or a full-grown dog’s nutrition. Answers Pet Food makes sure to have all of the nutrients your dog needs. And remember, the Raw Goat’s Milk Formula and Detailed Answers line are all a complete diet for your pet!

This is a picture of the training class in progress. Jacqueline Hill is standing at the front of the room, and Hollywood Feed employees are listening hard and taking notes!

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  • Jessie Isbell
Comments 8
  • Jeannette

    I have a 7 year old Westie that has come down with severe allergies. I have had him to two vets and tests were finally run advising he is allergic to just about everything! He can eat lamb and kangaroo so have him on just lamb and rice – nothing else. He has now been on shots for one month and just seems to be getting worse instead of better. I am at my wits end and willing to try anything. Where in the Tryon NC area can I purchase the raw goats milk?

  • Linda

    My chocolate lab, Ashley was diagnosed with liver cancer in August. I have tried everything for her from high protein, low carb, prednisolone, CBD oils on & on. My biggest problem has been getting her to eat. If it is what she wants, she will eat so I have to put her out a buffet to see what she wants. I have had her on Answers Raw Goat’s Milk this whole time. I have to syringe into her mouth. She has lost a lot of weight & I wanted to know what would help put some weight on her. I have been giving her about 3/4 cups of goat’s milk a day throughout the day & also adding some baby food chicken or beef with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Gerri

    My large dogs love the goats milk! My problem is I have 4 dogs and the goats milk is way too expensive even giving 11 oz daily. I have found a farm having organic RAW COWS milk. Is it safe for my big babies? This is a serious issue for me. Thank you

  • Eddie Valentines
    Eddie Valentines

    Hi!! Very compelling stuff! I was hoping you could provide me with some peer reviewed literature citing the benefits of your products? Any papers for those of us who follow evidenced-based medicine?

    Thanks in advance!

  • JOhn

    I live in CLEVELAND, OH
    -where can I purchase your goats milk locally???

  • Carol Newsom
    Carol Newsom

    Where can I buy raw goats milk for my dog? We live near Jackson, TN

  • Kristien Riddles-West
    Kristien Riddles-West

    So happy to learn about the Raw Goats Milk, I learned about Dried Goats Whey from a book called Foods that Heal that was from Dr. Bernard Jensen and I used it on my dogs that I did not think was going to make it through parvio or distemper and pneumonia it and it worked and I’m so glad to see that they have raw goats milk now!!!! Also glad to see that that Hollywood Feed is also involved with the Humane societies

  • Randi

    We found out the cancer had come back raging through our dog Roxie, it spread to her liver. The vet put her on all kinds of meds for pain and to improve liver function, but she just started to go down hill quickly they said she has a couple of weeks max. I read an article about raw goats milk so I figured what could it hurt. I took her off all meds and started the goats milk and here we are 2 months later looking healthier than ever gaining weight back and feeling like a puppy again. I wasn’t looking for a miracle or eternal life just quality of life and that’s what we got for her and so much more. I will recommend Answers raw goats milk to anyone and everyone. A big thanks to the wonderful team that put this on the market.

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