Seymour: The Headquarter's Foster Puppy


Meet the new Hollywood Feed Office's foster puppy - Seymour Smokey!  Seymour was picked up by some caring people that saw his mama leave him in the heat and not return.  Unsure of how to help, they took him to a local Memphis fire station and left a note requesting the firefighters give him a good home. We hope to do just that once he is a bit older!  In the meantime, some of our office staff are taking turns caring for him by bottle-feeding him goat's milk, keeping him warm, and watching him grow!  Today he is 7 days old and is already gaining weight!  His little eyes and ears are still closed, and will start opening up and developing over the next week!  Keep an eye out for our frequent updates on him!

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  • Billie Claire Darby
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