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How to Win the War Against Pet Obesity

by Jessie Isbell • February 12, 2016

If we all stop and just take a look around the next time we are at the park or walking our dogs, we can see that obesity is one of the biggest health problems that pets in the United States are facing today. Statistics Obesity is an excess of body fat, which can cause many […]

Cats Rule the House this February!

by Jessie Isbell • February 12, 2016

Did you know that there are more pet cats than pet dogs in the US? Dogs get so much attentionĀ because they are loud and they demand it! On the other hand, cats are aloof and they want us to come begging them for their attention. We have the love of our dogs pretty much from […]

10 Training Secrets Every Pet Parent Should Know

by Billie Claire Campbell • February 10, 2016

  As pet parents, we have a responsibility to provide for our furry friends, and supplying them with lavish toys and treats isn’t exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, those things are nice, but we also have a duty to provide the best that we can in diet and nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, and training. […]