Does My Dog Really Love Me?

by Kate Lancaster • January 27, 2020

Man’s best friend earned that honorable title by teaching humans the importance of unconditional love for thousands of years. With every tail wag, excited bark, and gentle nuzzle for affection, dogs have displayed what definitely seems like love toward us. They have made us laugh and cry and have always been there for us through […]

How to Get Rid of Fleas

by Kate Lancaster • January 9, 2020

Fleas on your dog or cat can be extremely dangerous. Some dogs are severely allergic to fleas, and just one bite can trigger an allergic reaction that can last for weeks. Fleas also can cause anemia with small dogs, puppies and kittens when they are constantly biting. Tapeworms are transmitted through fleas after your dog […]

Natural Flea and Tick Remedies: Do They Work?

by Kate Lancaster • January 9, 2020

Natural flea remedies for dogs can work well but require additional application time compared to other methods. For those concerned about using synthetic pesticides in their home and yard and on their dog, the extra time is a worthwhile trade off for the peace of mind an all-natural flea treatment brings. Why Use Natural Flea […]

Does Your Dog Have Dry Skin?

by Kate Lancaster • December 26, 2019

You’ve noticed your dog has dry, flaky skin. If you’re able to rule out parasites like fleas or biting lice, which can cause excessive scratching, or mange, which can lead to dry, inflamed skin, you can try to incorporate a skin and coat supplement or switch to a fish-based food to see if either improve […]

Important Information about Pet Dental Health

by John Sanders • January 27, 2017

Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will have some evidence of dental disease by the age of 3? We take care of our teeth, so we should take care of our pet’s teeth as well. Dental health is very important to our pet’s overall health! We’ll learn about periodontal disease, […]

Dogs, Cats and Dental Health

by Jessie Isbell • January 27, 2017

Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show evidence of dental disease by age 3? That’s a scary statistic and something about which all pet parents should be worried. As people, we usually brush our teeth twice a day (at least), so what should we be doing to make sure our […]

Bad Breath Busters

by Jessie Isbell • January 27, 2017

We all know the smell of puppy breath! It may not be the most pleasant of smells, but there’s also something endearing about a tiny puppy with stinky breath. However, puppies will eventually grow out of their stinky breath. If bad breath does persist into adulthood, it can be hard to find it quite as […]

6 Ways Puppies and Babies are Just Alike!

by Jessie Isbell • October 4, 2016

Puppies and babies are just the cutest, right? There’s nothing better for bringing a smile to my face than an adorable puppy or baby headed my way. I’ve had years of experience playing with puppies, but my husband and I have just recently found out that I am pregnant with two babies of our own! […]

Why Should You Buy Your Coffee at a Holistic Pet Store?

by Jessie Isbell • August 22, 2016

I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you to buy the coffee you brew at home every morning at Hollywood Feed. (No, the coffee is not meant for our cats or dogs, to get that out of the way.) Most of us have never even seen coffee in a pet store, but now it […]

What are Whiskers, Anyway?

by Jessie Isbell • August 5, 2016

You may think your pet’s whiskers are adorable or you may not really notice them. Either way, have you ever wondered why your cat or dog has whiskers on his face? They’re not just a fashion statement! Did you know that our pet’s whiskers can tell us about their health and mood? And robots even […]