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How Can We Help Seek Justice for Animals?

by Jessie Isbell • February 21, 2016

Each year, one week is dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse of animals and how we can report it as citizens. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Justice for Animals Week gives us each a chance to learn more about how to help the most helpless animals in our own communities. This year, February 21-27th is Justice for […]

Pit Bull Awareness

by Jessie Isbell • February 18, 2016

National Pit Bull Awareness Day and Month were both started by Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys, a pit bull rescue and education group, from Middle Tennessee. National Pit Bull Awareness Day and Month are an opportunity to educate the community and change the misconceptions people may have of pit bulls being aggressive. It is a […]

Why Should I Adopt a Shelter Dog?

by Jessie Isbell • February 18, 2016

All three of my dogs, Skeeter, Annie and Fitzgerald have come from Collierville Animal Services in Collierville, TN and I couldn’t be happier with my sweet puppies. You may have heard or seen people using the phrase, “Adopt, Don’t Shop”. This is something in which I firmly believe. Each time I went looking for a dog, I went to the […]

Good Samaritans Can Now Rescue Dogs from Hot Cars in TN with Passing of New Law

by Jessie Isbell • February 12, 2016

Have you heard about the extension to the Good Samaritan Law that took effect in Tennessee on July 1st? It’s very exciting news for animals and animal lovers! Legislation put forth by David Hawk, sponsor of House Bill 537, says that any person can break into a locked car in order to save an animal in […]

Check Your Pet’s Microchip Information Today

by Jessie Isbell • February 12, 2016

August 15th is National Check the Chip Day. This holiday was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to remind pet owners to keep their pets’ microchip information current to help more lost pets find their way back home. Let’s take the time today to make sure that our pets can find their way home if they are ever lost.

5 Reasons Mutts are Awesome!

by Jessie Isbell • February 12, 2016

A mutt is a dog that comes from unknown origins. Mutts are also known as mixed-breed dogs and a variety of other names that have more negative connotations, like mongrel or cur. I don’t think there’s any reason to think negatively of a mutt, though- seeing as the dogs that I love are all mutts! July 31st (and […]