Training & Behavior

Top 10 Tips for Responsible Dog Ownership

by Jessie Isbell • March 2, 2016

When you decide to adopt a new dog, it’s very exciting! There are so many fun things you can do with your new dog and they are so very cute at any age. It is easy to imagine all of the adventures you will have with your new companion, and it can be just as […]

Teaching Children How to Interact with Dogs is a Must-Have Life Lesson

by Jessie Isbell • March 2, 2016

Whether or not you have a family dog in your home, it is VERY important to teach your children how to interact with dogs. There is no way to predict at what point your child will encounter a strange dog, and you may not be around to supervise so you must teach them proper interactions […]

The Myth about Pit Bulls, Debunked

by Jessie Isbell • March 2, 2016

We’ve all heard the stories, myths, and fear some people spread about pit bulls simply because of their breed and their use in dog fighting by some abusive and greedy people. I believe that a dog should not be judged based only on his breed, just like a person should not be judged based on […]

Is Your Pet Identifiable if Lost?

by Jessie Isbell • March 2, 2016

What would happen if your cat slipped out the front door when you weren’t paying attention? What if you have a loose board on your fence and your dog finds it before you do? What happens if your dog slips out of his collar while you’re out on a walk and chases after a cat? […]

International Assistance Dog Week

by Billie Claire Campbell • February 26, 2016

It’s International Assistance Dog Week and I’ve been pulling my hair out over writing this article. This topic is so close to my heart. After working with service dogs and their handlers for over three years now, I’ve seen how these dogs positively affect the lives of their humans and their families. It’s breathtaking to watch a service […]

Skipping Your Dog’s Daily Walk? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t

by Jessie Isbell • February 22, 2016

Going for walks with our dogs is very rewarding, not only for our four legged friends and their sniffing noses but also for us. Hollywood Feed makes a great line of Mississippi Made collars and leashes that are perfect tools for taking our dogs out on the town. These collars and leashes are actually cut and […]

13 Fun Facts About Seeing-Eye Dogs

by Jessie Isbell • February 22, 2016

We have all been out running errands, working, or at dinner and encountered a seeing-eye dog with his person. It can be fun to run into a seeing-eye dog in places dogs aren’t normally allowed, and it can be interesting and impressive to watch a seeing-eye dog guide his person safely through the world. There is […]

It’s Never Too Late to Train Our Dogs!

by Jessie Isbell • February 22, 2016

A well-trained dog is a very happy and well-behaved dog! As much as we try to ignore it or put it off, training is an essential part of dog ownership. I know that I need to work on my dedication to training as most of us probably do. I like to start off strong training […]

Teach Your Dog to Wait Before Exiting the Crate in 5 Minutes

by Billie Claire Campbell • February 22, 2016

Having a dog that understands they can’t barge out the crate door every time it’s opened is precious. It can potentially save their life by giving you the opportunity to put a leash on them and potentially keep them out of the street. It’s such an easy and quick thing to teach your dog, and […]

National Walk Your Dog Week

by John Sanders • February 18, 2016

-by Jane Langlois October 1st through 7th is National Walk Your Dog Week.  Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, created this event in 2010 to help promote the health of both people and their dogs.  Some pet parents make the mistake of assuming that if a dog has access to a yard, […]