Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerkies are Delicious, Healthy and Made in America!


Dogs love treats, it’s true! I like to feed my dogs a wide variety of healthy treats so that I can always keep them interested, excited, and guessing. Using treats to supplement my dogs’ diets also allows me to give them different vitamins and nutrients than they may be getting with their current kibble. Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerkies have made my treat list! My dogs love them, they have healthy ingredients, and they are American Made. Jerky doesn’t get any better than this.



 Here are the reasons I will continue feeding my dogs Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerky:

Enjoyed by Dogs, Big and Small!

I know that my dogs are not picky when it comes to food and treats, and there was no exception when it came to Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerkies. Since they like everything, I also tried out the Georgia Made Jerky treats on the guest doggies I have had over this week (being a dog-sitter). I did not have one of them turn down any Georgia Made Jerky. Every single dog told me that their piece of jerky was delicious. The bigger guys ate their Georgia Made Jerky in just a few chews, and the smaller guys enjoyed it for a longer amount of time.

Healthy, Quality Ingredients

As soon as I opened each bag, I could smell the quality, delicious ingredients. The Catfish & Black Bean Jerky Strips’ ingredient list is simply: Catfish, Black Beans, Molasses, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols. An ingredient list like this makes me feel really good about what I am feeding to my dogs!

American Made

Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerkies are Made in Georgia, just like it says in the name. This means that high safety standards are met in the production of the jerky treats. By buying Georgia Made Jerky as opposed to “jerky” made in China, we are helping to keep our pets safe from falsely labeled ingredients, unclean factories, and just plain harmful chemicals that are added to many foreign-made jerkies, rawhides, treats and foods (usually in an effort to save money by cutting corners). We are also helping to support our American economy and jobs for American workers. Read more about the Georgia farmers from whom Georgia Made Jerky ingredients are sourced and the Georgia food-packaging company that bags the jerky treats here!

Variety of Delicious Flavors

There are many different jerky flavors to choose from. Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerky Strips are available in Catfish & Black Bean, Chicken & Black Bean, and Venison & Black Bean. There is also Georgia Made Chicken Slab Jerky (the only ingredient in this is chicken!)

Great Value!

The 10oz bags of Chicken & Black Bean Jerky Strips, Catfish & Black Bean Jerky Strips, and Chicken Slab Jerky are $12.99, and the Venison & Black Bean Jerky is $14.99. This is a great deal. You get about 32 pieces of jerky per bag, according to my count.


Keep This in Mind: Remember anytime we feed our dog treats or table scraps, it counts toward their caloric intake for the day, and we should adjust their dinner accordingly! When dogs are overweight, it is hard on their joints and may help to prematurely age them or cause expensive health or medical issues in the future.

The Bottom Line: If your dog hasn’t tried Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerkies yet, then he is missing out! Shop online or at your local Hollywood Feed store location to get your dog some of Hollywood Feed’s Georgia Made Jerky today!

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