Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy Provides Hours of Fun for Dogs: A Product Review


Does your dog need a new toy? Why not something different than the same old tennis balls, stuffed animals, ropes, and bones? My dogs needed a new toy, so I decided to give Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy a try with my dogs, and they loved it for different reasons.

The DuraToy Happy Moppy is a great fetch, tug, and cuddle toy for dogs. It is shaped like an octopus, with a ball of knotted ropes at the head and trailing rope legs made of three different textures, to please any dog’s palate.


  • 3 different and exciting textures
  • Ball knot at the end for fetching
  • Strong strap for playing tug-of-war
  • Made from high-quality fabrics
  • Double stitching at stress points
  • Fun colors and patterns

Product Testing

I brought my dogs’ new toy home to them to see how they would react. I gave it to Skeeter, who is the gentlest with toys of my three dogs, first. He is a toy cuddler, so after excitedly feeling all of the cloth textures with his mouth,
he snuggled up with the Happy Moppy for a satisfied nap. Next, I spent some time with Annie and Fitz, who like a little more excitement at playtime. Annie had a blast when I threw Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy for her to catch and retrieve. Of course, that is her game! Fitz watched Annie playing and barked with excitement.

Size, Price, and Where to Buy

Large: NOW $11.99 (usually $14.99)
Medium: NOW $8.79 (usually $10.99)

Find Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy online here or at your local Hollywood Feed store location!

My Opinion

The Happy Moppy DuraToy will be exciting for any pet, even cats! It doesn’t matter if your dog likes to play fetch, tug-of-war, or simply cuddle with toys, the Nylabone Happy Moppy DuraToy will satisfy. Just remember, supervision is required with this toy. It is a play toy, not a chew toy. (And my Annie made sure I knew that!) Learn the difference between play toys and chew toys and why that difference is important here.

So, if your dog needs a new toy to catch, fetch, tug or cuddle, try out Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy and let us know in the comment section below how much your dog loves it!

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  • Anne Ross
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