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Here at Hollywood Feed, we like holistic & natural products-- but what does “holistic” really mean in terms of pet food? We are of the opinion it should use the most unprocessed, pure form of an ingredient, and that that ingredient should contribute to the health of the pet. For example: added fiber! Fiber is important in a pet’s diet because it contributes to a healthy digestive system and stool quality. A pet food company can cheaply add fiber to a diet by buying a chemically created artificial dietary fiber. It will have no nutritional value beyond adding that number to the guaranteed analysis. What Holistic Select chooses to do is add pure, natural papaya and pumpkin, which adds nutrition as well as fiber, and is a holistic way of formulating the food. This commitment to “doing things the hard way” and creating functional as well as natural diets is what drew us to Holistic Select. Their single protein diets, with 2 grain free diets available, are fantastic for pets with allergies-- and their mix of pre and probiotics mixed with complex fibers, like pumpkin, make them a great fit for dogs with chronic digestive upset or loose stool.

Holistic Select has been creating natural, healthy pet food recipes for dogs and cats for over 10 years. They have a distinct commitment to natural nutrition, quality, and digestive healthy that guides how they create their truly holistic recipes. Their philosophy is “Total body health begins with digestive healthy for everyone in the family, including our pets.”

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  • John Sanders