Lotus Natural Food for Pets


Lotus is an incredibly unique pet food. It is holistic, full of fresh meats and veggies, but the most special thing about this diet is that it is baked, rather than extruded like all the other dog foods we carry. You may even notice little grill lines on the kibbles from the oven! Baking is not only a unique way to cook diets, but it also has some interesting benefits. Because they bake the dog and cat foods, Lotus able to use up to twice as much fresh meat as extruded pet foods. Then there’s better palatability – in one third-party study, Lotus Wholesome Duck Recipe fed 1½ times better as a first choice against the leading specialty dry duck formulas for dogs. And they do it all without any added flavors or sprayed on fats (Feel the difference – Lotus is not greasy like most extruded foods). Oven-baked Lotus retains 100% of its vitamins after cooking. Extruded dog and cat foods typically lose an average of 40% of their vitamins during the extrusion process. This means that all of Lotus’ fresh fruits and vegetables still provide all of those wonderful antioxidants to keep your best friend’s cells healthy. Lotus even retained 100% of its proteins compared to extruded foods that typically lose 20% during drying the drying process.

Slow oven-baking takes about 3 times as long, but we think all the benefits are definitely worth it.

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  • John Sanders