Natural Balance


Natural Balance is our go-to pet food recommendation when a dog or cat comes in with the most severe allergies. Funded by Actor Dick Van Patten, who had a passion for pets with unique needs, Natural Balance has a broad line with lots of single protein diets to choose from. These diets are very simple, thus the “limited ingredient” in the title-- and are much like a “chicken broth and rice” approach to pet nutrition. Some dogs just can’t handle the complexity of some of our richer diets, but they still need to get the same quality food, just lacking the variety so their delicate tummies can break it down. Natural Balance’s diets are also generally all-life-stages, and can be fed to a sensitive young puppy or kitten all the way to a senior who has developed food allergies later in life.

For some pets this food is perfect solution for severe food allergies, and for others this can be a great detox before reintroducing a more complex diet. Either way, Natural Balance is the brand we trust when dogs and cats come to us with the most sensitive digestive systems.

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  • John Sanders